June 17, 2007

Cerebral Palsy CAN'T stop Dick & Rick Hoyt

by Robert D'Iorio

In honor of Father’s Day I am reposting these two videos of the inspirational father and son tri-athletes Dick and Rick Hoyt. Rick has cerebral palsy and competes with his father’s assistance. This father and son team truly proves their motto “I CAN.”

June 7, 2007

Chicago Illinois Family Received $14 Million in Birth Injury Settlement

by Robert D'Iorio

A Chicago family reached a $14 million settlement with Northwestern Memorial Hospital Tuesday after their son suffered a severe brain injury during birth resulting in Cerebral Palsy.

The Plaintiffs asserted that their baby boy was not breathing when he was born and that emergency staffers were not prepared to resuscitate him because the doctors mistook the mothers pulse for the child’s. The obstetrician and nurse allegedly misinterpreted the boy's heart rate before the delivery and did not realize the baby was in fetal distress; furthermore, a neonatal resuscitation team was not called to help the newborn until after he was delivered.

As a result, the child went without oxygen for seven minutes which caused him to suffer from spastic quadriplegia.