July 9, 2007

Cerebral Palsy – Strokes in the Fetus or Newborn

by Robert D'Iorio

This is the story of Noah. Noah suffered a stroke and now has Cerebral Palsy (CP).
The term stroke is commonly used to describe bleeding in the brain. Intracranial breeding can have several causes including broken blood vessels in the brain, clogged blood vessels, or abnormal blood cells. Strokes can occur in the fetus during pregnancy and in a newborn around the time of birth, damaging the brain tissue and causing neurological problems. Respiratory distress is common in premature infants and is one of the more common causes of strokes in newborns. Additionally, women experiencing coagulation disorders should be seen as having an increased risk for stroke in the fetus and should be treated as such. These are just a few of the more common causes of a stroke in the fetus or newborn many others exist and often should have been foreseen by the doctor and may have been prevented.