April 30, 2009

Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy & Birth Injury Information Group on Facebook

by Robert D'Iorio

Many of our readers are our also members of our Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy & Birth Injury Information Group on Facebook. This group is an easy and informal way for parents of children with birth injuries to exchange resources and information.

Additionally, I host a live chat every Thursday at 7:00pm EST/EDT. During our live chat parents are encouraged to ask legal questions regarding medical malpractice and birth injuries.

If you are not yet on Facebook please feel free to e-mail your question to me directly at robert@dioriofirm.com

Here is the link: Facebook Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy & Birth Injury Information Group

Hope to see you there!!!

April 28, 2009

Gestational Hypertension ( High Blood Pressure ) Preeclampsia and Placental Abruption

by Robert D'Iorio

The video bellow was made by the March of Dimes and discusses high blood pressure during pregnancy and preeclampsia. Both high blood pressure and preeclampsia can be dangerous to both mother and child.

As discussed in my last post preeclampsia and high blood during pregnancy can lead to a placental abruption which may deprive a child of oxygen causing brain damage to the child and cerebral palsy. For more information on placental abruptions please see my post dated 4/25/09

April 25, 2009

Preeclampsia - Placental Abruption and Cerebral Palsy

by Robert D'Iorio

The Following video discusses the risk factors, symptoms and outcomes for mothers with preeclampsia. One point the video did not touch on is that mothers with preeclampsia are at a high risk for a placental abruption. A placental abruption occurs when the placenta separates from the uterus. This is a very serious situation for both the mother and child.

When a placental abruption occurs the mother may suffer a dangerous amount of blood loss and the child may be deprived of oxygen and damage to the brain may occur. Furthermore, lack of oxygen can lead to the child developing cerebral palsy.

April 22, 2009

Gestational Diabetes, Shoulder Dystocia and Birth Injuries

by Robert D'Iorio

The video below discuses gestational diabetes. Diabetes during pregnancy can be dangerous and lead to Erb’s Palsy and/or Cerebral Palsy.

Gestational diabetes can cause the fetus to grow larger than average. Delivering a large child vaginally can put the child at risk of encountering shoulder dystocia.

Shoulder dystocia is a situation where that child’s shoulder becomes stuck in the birth canal.

This can lead to a brachial plexus injury / Erb’s Palsy or limit the child’s oxygen supply thus causing brain damage and cerebral palsy.

April 20, 2009

Susan Boyle - Birth Trauma

by Robert D'Iorio

Last week the internet was buzzing with clips of Susan Boyle’s outstanding performance on Britain’s Got Talent. I was so amazed by this performance I decided to learn a little more about Suzan.

In my brief search I learned that The Sunday Times reported that Susan had a difficult birth and was deprived of oxygen at birth causing “mild brain damage.” As a result of the oxygen deprivation The Sunday Times stated that Susan developed several learning disabilities.

Here is the link to The Sunday Times article

I found this relevant to this Blog because oxygen deprivation at birth can lead to many problems including cerebral palsy.

Here is the youtube link of Susan Boyle’s amazing rendition of “I dreamed a dream” from Les Misérables

April 10, 2009

Pregnancy Complications and Cerebral Palsy & Erb’s Palsy

by Robert D'Iorio

This video discusses some potential problems that can arise during pregnancy. Several topics are discussed in the clip and include:

Oligohydramnios – Not enough amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus

Polyhydramnios – too much amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus

Infection – choramnionitis

Preeclampsia - High blood pressure and swelling this can lead to a placental abruption

Eclampsia- seizures

Gestational Diabetes – this can lead to large babies at risk for shoulder dystoca, (the child’s shoulder gets stuck in the birth canal) a dangerous situation that can damage the brachial plexus (Erb’s Palsy) or lead to a lack of oxygen and brain damage to the child.

Placental Previa- placenta covers the cervix

April 8, 2009

United Cerebral Palsy - Life Without Limits

by Robert D'Iorio

The following video is a news clip featuring the opening of United Cerebral Palsy’s new facility “Life Without Limits.” The new center is a “one stop shop” for physical, occupational and speech therapy for children with cerebral palsy.

April 6, 2009

Cerebral Palsy Lawyers obtain $ 4 million medical malpractice verdict

by Robert D'Iorio

Last week a jury found that the Good Samaritan Hospital in West Palm Beach, FL was negligent for not having an operation room readily available to perform a c-section. The delay in performing the c-section caused Jordan Preshong Brown, born in 1997, to be deprived of oxygen causing brain damage and cerebral palsy.

April 4, 2009

Cerebral Palsy – Early Developmental Problems and Milestones

by Robert D'Iorio

Often, the first sign a child may have cerebral palsy is when he/she fails to meet specific developmental milestones.

The video below discusses the importance of early intervention when a child fails to meet certain milestones and what those milestones are. The video also touches on several important milestones in a child’s development and what to look for.